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What DIDN’T I tackle today (well, tonight)??  LOL!  I got a little behind in some of my everyday things, plus I wanted to do some other stuff before sis gets here tomorrow night.  It didn’t happen today as planned, since the little one is pushing teeth through and felt absolutely miserable.  So, after bedtime tonight, I went into overdrive… laundry, dishes, mopping all of the everyday things and some other stuff too.  I discovered that he decided to make his booster seat a little more personal did some art work on it (lots of beautiful red lines!).  Thankfully it all came off.  There are a few more things I want to do tomorrow, including painting the living room!! 

To see more Tackle It Tuesday projects, visit 5 Minutes For Mom!

This is going to be quick ~ the little one is cutting more molars I think… fever, sick, whiny, all that great stuff & I have a laundry list of stuff that I need to do before my sister arrives tomorrow night… including laundry and we found out the septic tank was starting to come unplugged so that explains the other issues we were having… and I feel like my hands are so full and I only have one youngin’, LOL! ~ and even though it is late, I still wanted to get the Menu Plan posted.  BTW, there is a possibility the new site could go live as early as this coming weekend!!

MONDAY: Spaghetti

TUESDAY: Grilled cheese sandwiches & soup

WEDNESDAY: Shredded BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

THURSDAY: My nephew flies in from England after being gone 2 years, so we’ll probably just grab something on the way to the airport…

FRIDAY: Undecided but probably something pretty simple, like breakfast for dinner, leftover BBQ Chicken, grilled cheese & soup, etc.

SATURDAY: Nephew’s Welcome Home Party, so will probably make the finger foods “dinner”, LOL!

SUNDAY: Another nephew is having a big family birthday party and guess what is on the menu?  More spaghetti!

For more Menu Plan Monday check it out @ Org Junkie!

~ Christy 

Just a note if you haven’t been reading the blog… a HUGE launch party is in the works when the blog moves around mid-month or so with over 40 GIVEAWAYS!! Keep checking back or add the blog to your reader (or sub to email updates) so you don’t miss the announcement!

Calling all Kids Ages 5-10: Submit Your Original Story to the Travel Adventure Contest!

Young Readers are invited to write a short story about one of their own real life or imaginary travel adventures anywhere in the world. The best stories will be published on Smart Poodle Publishing and lillybadilly.com. Three lucky winners will each receive $25 in cash, a free copy of the Travel Adventures of Lilly P. Badilly: Costa Rica, autographed to each winner by Author/Illustrator/Voice Talent Debbie Glade.

Contest Rules

    * This contest is free!

    * The story can be short, but make it no longer than 1,000 words.

    * The story should be based on a real life or imaginary journey you took anywhere in the world. (What did you see and do that made this adventure unique? What happened that was different or exciting?)

    * The story must be original. Do not copy any other published work in your story!

    * Parents, please do not help your kids write their stories.

    * Submit your story via email to smartpoodle@comcast.net or mail it to Smart Poodle Publishing, PO Box 817468, Hollywood, FL 33081. Please include a parent’s email address, so we can notify you if you are a winner.

    * Deadline is September 1, 2008.

    * Contest is open to readers in the USA in 3 age groups.

          * ages 5-6

          * ages 7-8

          * ages 9-10

    * There will be 3 winners – one winner in each age group.

    * Each entry will be judged upon creativity, interest and how well the story is written.

    * Winners’ stories will be published on our website using only the authors’ first names and last initials.

    * Winners will be notified by September 31st, 2008.

    * If you have any other questions, send an email to smartpoodle@comcast.net.


Just a note if you haven’t been reading the blog… a HUGE launch party is in the works when the blog moves around mid-month or so with over 40 GIVEAWAYS!! Keep checking back or add the blog to your reader (or sub to email updates) so you don’t miss the announcement!

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