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What DIDN’T I tackle today (well, tonight)??  LOL!  I got a little behind in some of my everyday things, plus I wanted to do some other stuff before sis gets here tomorrow night.  It didn’t happen today as planned, since the little one is pushing teeth through and felt absolutely miserable.  So, after bedtime tonight, I went into overdrive… laundry, dishes, mopping all of the everyday things and some other stuff too.  I discovered that he decided to make his booster seat a little more personal did some art work on it (lots of beautiful red lines!).  Thankfully it all came off.  There are a few more things I want to do tomorrow, including painting the living room!! 

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For the past week I have been tackling yard work.  We live “in the woods” so the trees in the “yard” sometimes forget they are not part of the woods and if left alone for any length of time (five minutes or so?) this whole jungle thing happens.  I encountered thorny vines the size of small branches, monster sized ants (hubby says they are bull ants and don’t bite, but I can’t stand ants of any sort and those things looked scary), and honestly would not have been at all surprised to see monkeys swinging about – that’s how “jungle-like” it seemed to me at the beginning of this process.  It being each tree or grouping of trees.  I’ve done at least half a dozen, but lost count.  I didn’t get actual before pictures, but I did go deeper on our property (out of the “yard” area, lol) and got a pic that is a pretty good resemblance of what the “before” looked like.  I also took a pic of one of the “afters” (they are all basically the same).  And of course a pic of a huge thorny vine!


“Before” Example:



After (one of them!)



And one of those small-branch-sized thorny vines:


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As it turns out, the only Tuesday tackling I did was shopping, but since I hit several stores and got some really great deals, I am going to count it!  A great tackle I think!!


Winn-Dixie (Mon night): Spent $0.96 & Saved $10.96


Publix: Spent $30.71 & Saved $84.49


Kmart: Spent $8.04 & Saved $54.00


Walmart (18 packs of Huggies Cleanteam Wipes for 32 cents each!!): Spent $20.42 & Saved $36.12


CVS: Spent $1.60 & Saved $48.97


Totals for Mon night & Tuesday = Spent $61.76 & Saved $234.54


Hey, if I saved 2 more cents it would have been 2 3 4 5 6….  LOL!

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Yesterday I tackled deals!  LOL!  Actually, my tackle it this week was done Monday when I tackled the office!  It isn’t a large space, yet it fills so many roles.  It’s the “brain” of the home in that the computers are in here, household paperwork, it is where bills are paid, things are scheduled and written down, etc.  It is also where I store my scrapbooking, genealogy, party, and gift-wrapping supplies, among other things.  It is “storage” for items that have no other “home” in the home and unfortunately it is also the “drop” center of the home.  Items are often stashed here “temporarily” except that it becomes permanently!   So yesterday I spent a lot of time on it and the results are great!!  Granted it is not where I want it to be yet, but a large step was taken, so I’m happy none-the-less.  My husband was also able to “tackle” a couple of things Monday & Tuesday – mowing the yard and moving items from the side of the house – so I am also pretty happy about that, too.  All in all a great tackle this week!

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Today I tackled the Dining Room and removed the last of the clutter!  I wiped everything down.  I washed the throw rug, tablecloth and chair covers, and even put a vase & flowers on the table for a touch of spring.  It’s nothing grand, but it feels pretty good having it done.  🙂

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My “Tackle It Tuesday”  project was to finish the second coat of paint in the hallway – and it very nearly happened.  With only a section left to go, the unthinkable happened!  I ran out of paint!!  I did do some tackling though, as most of it is done.  I’ll probably pick up some paint this weekend, since I’ll be in town anyway, so this may carry over to become next week’s Tackle It Tuesday project also! 

If you want to join in on Tackle It Tuesday, visit the host blog for this meme, 5 Minutes For Mom, where you can snag code for the graphic and add your blog to the link list.

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I was checking out some of the blogs that are a part of the Ultimate Blog Party 2008 and came across this thing called “Tackle It Tuesday” (also hosted by 5 Minutes For Mom).  The idea is to tackle clutter spots or get things marked off your to do list. 

I like the idea.  If I don’t get to it beforehand, my “Tackle It” project for Tuesday is going to be painting on the second coat in the hallway.  This should have been done already, but I got distracted and didn’t get back to it.  The sooner I can get the hall fully painted and décor done, the sooner I can move on to the Dining Room.  If it doesn’t get taken care of this weekend, I have a “Tackle It Tuesday” project for my dear husband as well… clearing the side yard and making a plan to level it out (it’s low in some places) and possibly plant grass seed (I’m thinking it might be too big of an area to fork over the cash for sod since I have lots of projects and plans on the brain!).

If anyone else in interested in doing “Tackle It Tuesday” with me, leave me a message here and hop on over to 5m4m’s Tackle It Tuesday page to get the full scoop.


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