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Go to Blingo to do your online searches for the chance to win prizes!  Make sure when you get there that you register (and after you sign up, make sure it shows you logged in when you use it).  Click on upgrade to enter your mailing address, which qualifies you for the super prizes.  It’s all free and it’s from the Publishers Clearing House.  It doesn’t take long to do a few searches and who knows!  You might win a prize.  🙂  Enjoy!! 


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Hi.  It’s Tuesday and normally I’d have a “Tackle It Tuesday” post here for you to read about.  Not this time.  Well, I do. Kinda.  And I’ll even link up with Tackle It Tuesday so I don’t completely ruin my reputation.  But the thing is, I’m just not “feeling it”, ya know?  There was no Menu Plan Monday yesterday either, which is just as well, because I haven’t actually figured out how to stick to said plan when I make it. 


So, today, you get a collection of my random thoughts.  You can stop reading now and come back another time when I am posting freebies, bargains, or a meme.  If you stay, remember it was your decision.  No arm-twisting here.  Still here?  Awesome.  I’m feeling the love already! 


I actually have been working on a tackle the past day or so.  My 22-month-old son’s laundry kinda got out of control.  Pausing here as I realize he is 22 months old TODAY!  Wow, where that time go already??  And what in the world am I doing to celebrate the big 2-year-old mark??  Suggestions welcome.  Back to the topic at hand.  His laundry.  Let’s just say there were plenty to be washed and plenty that had been washed before and just never got put away.  I meant to.  It just never happened.  (Adding to the fact there was clean, put away stuff it leads me to wonder – how does one little tyke need so much?).  It’s not all clothes.  There’s blankets, sheets, towels, washcloths, and I’m not even sure what else, but I’m reasonably sure it’s a cotton field or two worth.  So, the tackle is still underway, but it’s felt good to get done what I have already.  Most of his shirts are hanging up, except for a few because I ran out of hangers..  This includes the ones he is growing out of, ones he is growing into and ones that kinda fit just right.  I guess that combination is another reason for cotton overload.  All long sleeve shirts, jackets and such have been pulled out of the mix and will be packed up.  Next, I tackled the shorts.  All washed and put away.  I was using one of the drawers the shorts are now in for more winter wear, so all that got pulled to get packed up as well.  After the shorts came pants and jeans.  As with all I did before it, I pulled out the “too small” sizes.  All washed and put away.  I have a “found” drawer in his dresser now – just sitting there completely empty.  After the pants & jeans, I moved on the PJs.  Out with all the warm fuzzy footed sleepers.  I use the 2-drawer nightstand for the PJs and guess what?  Another “found” drawer, now empty.  Did I mention yet the ever-growing pile of clothing to be packed away?  There are some that is still too big for him, so that gets packed away too, for now.  That part of the tackle is not yet done.  I am currently working on the towels, washcloths, sheets, blankets, and remaking his bed.  I want to go through all my clothes too and pull out stuff that I’m just not wearing, but may seriously put that off after dealing with all of my son’s clothing and linens.  So, that in a nutshell (an amazingly large nutshell as I look back over all I wrote) is my Tackle It Tuesday.  But I still say it doesn’t count ‘cause I’m just not feeling it.


If you are still reading this, bless your heart, because I’ve still got random thoughts flying around in my head.


I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Well, I’ll give you hints anyway, because there’s a lot still being worked on, not all confirmed, and I don’t want to let the cat entirely out of the bag, but since you’ve stuck with me and are still reading this post, I feel you deserve some sort of reward. 


Multitasking Mama is gonna be making some changes.  A lot of changes.  I’ve been checking out blog designers, so the first hint is that it is gonna look a lilttle different around here.  Well, actually it isn’t.  Because the second hint is that it might not be “here”.  Yep, Multitasking Mama may be moving to self-hosted WordPress.  Now, that is gonna cause a little boat rocking, because y’all will have to change your feed info, the visitor counter will get reset (let me tell you how excited I am to be nearing 20,000 in just over 2 months – thank you for showing me the love!), and other misc stuff that goes along with such a major move.  To help offset the downside of the move, I have some grand things in store – besides the new design.  So, stick around.  It’ll be worth it.  And if you haven’t added Multitasking Mama to your feed reader, do it.  After all, how will you know when to change the feeds if you don’t have it in the first place?  LOL!!


Remember that post about winning the DVD Palmcorder?  I’d really really love to do that.  I don’t usually win big things and I’d love to completely surprise my dear hubby with it.  Can you help me?  I promise it doesn’t cost anything but a few minutes of your time.  The deal is that in exchange for 100 people registering at their site, they are giving away a prize.  It’s a numbers game.  Maybe the more members they have the better advertising they can get or something.  Whatever their promo reasons are, I’d love to win it.  Lucky Search is just a search engine.  I need (10) wonderful souls to go and sign up and then find (10) more wonderful souls that they know to sign up under them and then I get this awesome prize.  I tell ya what.  If I can win it, I’ll do a giveaway just for those that signed up from my link!  I’ll do a post about it soon to announce this decision.  (It just came to me! LOL!).  After you sign up and invite others to sign up, you can use it or not.  (Supposedly, each time you perform a search you have a chance to win a prize).  Did I mention the giveaway for you kind folks that help me out? 


I’m sure there were even more random thoughts flying around my head, but it’s gotten kinda quiet now.  And I think I should get back to my son’s cotton-field… I mean laundry…  🙂


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I normally wait until Fridays to pass along the freebies, but this one is just TOO GOOD TO WAIT!  Plus, I do not want to take a chance of the promo ending before Friday! 


Just for signing up, you will get:


(200) 4×6 prints

(200) 5×7 prints

(1) 8×8 photo book


Go HERE right away and sign up, even if you aren’t able to upload the pics right away.  At least will reserve the 400 free prints and free photo book for you.  They are doing some aggressive marketing to give away 20,000 free prints and after those are given away, the promo may end.  HURRY TO GET YOURS!!



It looks like you get 50 prints of each size per month, so be sure to order them before they expire.



Coupon Codes:


MPD288 Custom Mousepad $2.88 ea, free shipping, expires 12/31/2008


WTH688 Custom Watch $6.88 ea, free shipping, expires 05/15/2008


C8X10 $4.99 for (10) 8×10 prints, free shipping, expires 05/20/2008


D8X10  $7.99 for (20) 8×10 prints, free shipping, expires 05/20/2008


D12X18 $14.99 for (10) 12×18 prints, free shipping, expires 06/30/2008


PPC588 $5.88 for a deck of photo playing cards, free shipping, expires 05/31/2008


FREESHIP430 Free Shipping for all non-prints photo gifts, expires 04/30/2008




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There are other prize choices, but that is the one I chose.  Help me win it by helping yourself toward a prize!  A little while back, I posted about Lucky Search – a fun search engine where you “could” earn a prize just by searching. 


It looks like they’ve upped the ante – or at least I am just now noticing!  There is another way to win a prize – a very nice prize!  Granted, it is going to sound a whole lot like a pyramid scheme – EXCEPT you don’t have to buy or sell anything!  LOL!  Of course, you won’t make money either, but winning a DVD Palmcorder doesn’t sound too shabby does it?


Here’s the deal.  Use THIS LINK to go to Lucky Search and sign up.  (OK, you don’t really have to sign up under me, but if you help me win the DVD Palmcorder I’ll love you forever.  LOL!)  Then get your referral link and get 10 people to sign up under you.  If I get 10 that get 10, I get the DVD Palmcorder.  It’s that simple!  Then, if your 10 get 10, YOU get the DVD Palmcorder or something else really nice too!  By the way, if your spouse has their own email account, be sure they sign up under you.

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I was going to use a random number generator to pick the winner of the beautiful black tote bag, until Christi gave me the idea to have my 21 month old son pick the winner (by using a ones bowl, tens bowl, and hundreds bowl so I wouldn’t have to write out 217 numbers!!) 


I was going to take pictures of him drawing and just make it really cute, but it wasn’t that easy!  First I had to chase him down (for each bowl!).  Then I had to have him pick one (not a handful – he really wanted there to be more winners!!  “Everybody’s a winner” he seemed to be saying… but I don’t have 217 bags!!!).  So, we finally got it and handed mommy one piece of paper.  Then we went to the second bowl, LOL!!  Finally, 3 slips of paper were chosen…



# 027 TANYA MOYER!!!
Tanya, email me your address
so I can get this beautiful
tote bag on its way to you!


I am so excited at holding my first giveaway, that I decided to pick 2 runner-up winners for a goodie bag prize of samples, etc, just for fun!! 



# 120 The Chatty Housewife &

# 113 Christie. 

Ladies – please email me your addresses!! 


Thank you to everyone that entered – this was lots of fun!!!

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CVS Deals This Week (4/27)

Be sure to verify this with your ad, as sometimes sales will vary slightly from region to region & you want to make sure you are buying the EXACT item mentioned in the ad to get the deal.


There are a few unconfirmed deals listed (they are noted as such).  There is a chance it was a potential deal that was scrapped before the final ad came out, so these may not work


CVS deal info from Slick Deals, HCW, and a little of my own work.




v      Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Compact Foundation @ 9.99, earn $2 ECB  (limit 1)

v      Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara or Nourishing Eye Shadow Duo @ 5.99, earn $2 ECB (limit 1)

v      Carefree/Stayfree/OB Tampons @ 2/$10, earn $2 ECB wyb 2 (limit 1).  Coupons: 4/27 RP, IP.

v      Fuji CDR 30pk, price unknown, earn $2 ECB

v      Bic Soleil Razor @ $5.99, earn $3 ECB (Limit 4).  $2 Coupons: 3/16 SS (exp TODAY!), 4/13 SS. After coupons & ECBs earned = 99 cents each!!

v      Zantac 75 (80ct) OR 150 (65ct), price unk., earn $5 ECB (limit 1). Use $5 coupon (use on product w/ UPC 312547684101).

v      Benadryl, Cortaid, and Neosporin, earn $5 wyb 2 (limit 1 deal). Benadryl & Neosporin Coupons: 3/16 RP, 4/27 RP.

v      Celine, JLo, Shania, Golden Goddess, Intimately or Phat Farm Fragrances, PSA 11.99., earn $7 ECB (limit 1). Coupons: $3 Baby Phat & Jennifer Lopez Fragrances in booklet “Beauty’s in Bloom” found @ Kmart (by pharmacy); rumored that a $3 coupon may be on the back of some pkgs of Shania.

v      Just for Men (Touch of Grey) @ 7.99, earn 7.99 ECB (limit 1) = FREE.  Use this $2 coupon and $8 MIR to MAKE MONEY on the deal!

v      Mineral 24.7 Makeup, price unk., earn $10 ECB. Coupons: reported that some have a $5 CRT. Check your recent receipts.

v      Aleve Cold and Sinus (10ct), price unk., earn $3 ECB – currently an UNCOFIRMED RUMOR.  Anyone have any info on this?

v      Colgate Premium Paste & Toothbrushes, earn $5 ECB wyb $15. ECB – currently an UNCOFIRMED RUMOR.  Anyone have any info on this?

v      Irish Spring Bar Soap, Softsoap Liquid or Bodywash 12oz, earn $5 wyb $10 – currently an UNCOFIRMED RUMOR.  Anyone have any info on this?


3M products: earn $5 ECB wyb $15 (limit 1). Lots of coupons & MIR @ 3M.com (use the search box for “coupon”, “rebate” or specific product name + the word “coupon”).   

v      Lint remover @ 2/$5. (coupons: 2/10 RP)

v      3M tapes

v      Command Hooks 2/$5

v      Post It Notes 2/$4

v      Scotch Brite Kitchen 3/$5 (coupons: 3/9 RP, 4/13 RP)

v      Scotch Paper Cutter/Tape $5

v      Scotch Packaging Tape



v      Nature’s Bounty Vitamins or Supplements

v      Twizzlers 10-17.6 oz.

v      CVS/Pharmacy Alkaline Batteries $5.99

v      Pepsi 2L Bottle

v      Gold Emblem Nuts

v      Russell Stover Chocolates 8.25-12 oz. $7.99

v      L’Oreal Studio or Vive Pro shampoo, conditioner, or styler @ $3.39 – $5.49. Coupons: 3/16 SS).

v      All (the brand name) Laundry Detergent

v      Post Cereals (see ad)

v      Maybelline Mineral Powder blush, concealer, powder, or foundation (coupons: 4/27 RP)

v      Palmolive Dish Liquid @ $1.59 (coupons: 4/27 SS)

v      Mennen Deodorant (coupons: 4/27 SS)

v      Altoids Tin $1.99

v      Chase & Sanborn Coffee 10.5 oz. @ 3.49

v      Maxwell House Instant Coffee 8 oz.

v      All CVS/Pharmacy Spectravite

v      Tostitos Chips 9.5-13 oz. and Dip/Salsa 15.5 oz. (coupons: 3/30 SS)

BOGO 50% OFF DEALS (Buy one, get one 50% off)


v      Adult or Children’s Sunglasses

v      Gloria Vanderbilt Sunglasses @ 29.99

v      All Watches

v      Fragrances – Antonio Banderas, Paris Hilton, SJP, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, or Sean John, 0.16-3.4 oz.

v      *All EOB Cosmetic accessories* If you haven’t already completed the EOB monthly deal, do so before May with this sale (depending on price of items) for a great deal!

v      All L’Oreal Cosmetics

v      Samy Fat Hair

v      L’eggs or Kushyfoot

v      All CVS/Pharmacy Calcium Supplements

v      ICaps Dietary Supplement (coupons: 4/27 SS)

v      Reading Glasses by Magnivision

v      Photo Frame or Album (excludes digital frames)


Garnier Nutritioniste

v      Buy Nutri-Pure Cream Scrub (5oz), Get Nutri-Pure Cleanser (6.7oz) or Towelettes (25ct)

v      Buy Ultra Lift Serum, Day, Night or Eye Cream (0.5-1.7oz), Get Ultra Lift Wrinkle Treatment or Firming Cream (1-1.6oz)

v      Buy Skin Renew Lotion (2.5oz), Serum, Cream (1.70z) or Eye Cream (0.5oz), Get Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage Lotion (2.5oz) or Night Cream (1.7oz)

CVS Store Brand Event –
We are developing a CVS Store Brand event program that will run during the month of May (4/27 – 5/31). Over 500 Select CVS Brand and proprietary products will be featured in the ads at “Buy 2 get 1 FREE”. … The event will be supported with sale endcaps, special ad signs, on-line tie in and special notification to top CVS Brand customers.”

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Win a nice prize package from Sweet Pea Cakes – Ends tomorrow!!


Win a $25 Pottery Barn gift card! Ends tomorrow!!


Win a $20 Toys R Us gift card!  Deadline is tomorrow!!


Hershey’s Bliss Chocolates – Deadline is tomorrow!!


Win a Moo Juice CD. Deadline is tomorrow!!


Win the book Made From Scratch by Sandra Lee.  Deadline is tomorrow!!!


Win a Cupcake Courier (giving 1 away each week!). Enter week # 3’s giveaway by Noon PST April 29, 2008!


Win a Bronwen Handcrafted Dad Sling. Deadline is April 30, 2008.


Win a Dino 5 CD – Deadline is April 30, 2008.


Win a copy of ACDSee 10.  Deadline is April 30, 2008.


Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Bruno Jamais Restaurant in NYC.  Deadline is May 2, 2008. (If you aren’t heading to NY, enter anyway & give it to me if you win, haha!! We are planning a trip in the near future. 🙂 ).


Win a Stowers Swaddler (baby swaddling blanket). Deadline is May 2, 2008.


Win a twin Hockey Bedding Set! Deadline is May 2, 2008.


Win the 6-Minute Quick Blast Method.  Deadline is May 2, 2008.


Win a message in a bottle gift. Deadline to enter is May 3, 2008.


Win a Sandisk USB Gator Flash Drive (20 will be given away). Deadline: May 7, 2008.


Win Robeez Baby Shoes. Deadline is May 7, 2008.


Win a bracelet!  Deadline to enter is May 9, 2008.


Win a Noah’s Ark Ready to Stuff Animal Party Package (Value is $168). Deadline to enter is May 9, 2008.


Win a $4500 trip to NYC & Meet Paula Deen.  Deadline to enter is July 15, 2008. Tell her Christy @ multitaskingmama.wordpress.com sent ya over!


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