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It’s FRIDAY!!!!  And as promised, I have a lot of freebies / samples for you, so let’s get started!! 


v Aromatherapy Candle (limit 2 per household) by becoming a member.

v Calculator 

v Car & Driver First Drivers Club Welcome Kit (US & CAN)

v CoffeeMate Creamer ($4.50 value)

Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce (they’ll send a coupon for free item)

v Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Cream

v Head & Shoulders Sample

v Intimately Beckham Fragrances Sample

v Jonathan Product Leave-in Conditioner (outside of USA also)

v Kotex UltraThin Ultra Compact Pads

v Master Grocery List (download)

v O2Optix Contact Lenses – Trial Pair

v Pamprin Sample (10 Ct) – Go through the pages of coupons until you see Pamprin – the coupons rotate order, so there’s no telling what page it’ll be on. Click “select this coupon” then click “print now” @ the bottom. This will take you to a form to fill in your name and address to receive the sample.

v Pet ‘n Shape Dog Treats

v Pine-Sol® All Purpose Cleaner -Full Size! (US & CAN)

v Prilosec OTC Sample

v Purex Laundry Detergent

v SeaPak Cookbook

v Rice Select Reusable Shopping Bag & coupon

v Shnecken Jewish Treat (see pink box)

v South Beach Living Granola Clusters Sample

v Starbucks $3 Gift Card 

v Stonyfield Farm Yogurt (Select an org. & you can print coupon for free item)

v Tampax & Always Samples For Your Daughter

v Quaker Simple Harvest Oatmeal or Granola Bar

Sign up for everything!  If you can’t use it, you can donate it, give to a friend or family member or make gift baskets for birthdays, holidays, get well, or just because.  I love making gifts baskets and the recipient enjoys them too!  (Think stocking stuffers @ Christmas time!)    


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Today is the last day of February and the last day of the February ECB deals!  If you haven’t already picked up your CVS brand children’s aspirin or Nutra-trim gum, get it today. If you are new to CVS, you can do multiple transactions to get the most for less:

Buy (1) CVS children’s aspirin for $1.79 and receive $1.79 in Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) back.  Use that ECB to purchase the 2nd aspirin and receive another $1.79 ECB. Continue until you purchase (5).  You have spent a total of $1.79 plus tax; have (5) bottles of aspirin, and a $1.79 ECB. There is a limit of (5) on the aspirin.

You can use that $1.79 toward the Nutra-trim gum @ 3.99 so that you pay only $2.20 for the 1st box of gum and receive a $3.99 ECB. Use that to purchase the 2nd box then repeat for the 3rd box.  There is a limit of (3) on the gum.

If you buy one item per transaction as listed above, you will have purchased (5) bottles of aspirin and (3) boxes of gum for a total of $3.99 plus tax and have $3.99 in ECBs.  Granted there are others way to do the transactions, but this keeps your out of pocket (oop) very low and assumes you did not have any ECBs before these transactions.   

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 If you use crystals for crafting or other purposes, this might be a good deal to check out.  GSPN Crystal has a sale going on (Some prices: 13 cents, 29 cents, $1.13).  I don’t typically use crystals, so can’t vouch if this is a great deal, but may be worth checking out.

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Toddlers & Naps

I have a 20-month-old son and recently went through this phase of wondering if he was ready to end naptime or at least one of his naps during the day.  Some days he could sail right through the day without missing a beat, having only one nap.  Other days you would just know he really needed that nap he didn’t take.  I debated it for awhile, trying one nap some days, both naps other days and quickly came to the conclusion that the only thing I was accomplishing was throwing all sense of routine out the window.  At that point, it became impossible to distinguish the effects of a lack of a nap or the effects of the lack of routine.   

I decided on a compromise.  We would have scheduled morning and afternoon quiet times.  He is not required to go to sleep, but does have to have down time for an hour.  If he falls asleep and quiet time lasts longer than an hour – all the better as his body probably needed it.   

This works great for me too because if I didn’t sleep too well the previous night, I know I have a nap coming.  J  It also works as a designated time block for me to do some writing, planning, reading, quiet thinking, etc.  Things it is sometimes hard to do with an active toddler! 

For the most part it has worked out reasonably well.  On the occasion he is not tired enough to sleep, he will usually occupy himself with a toy or two, or will “read” one of his board books.  When he tends to fight the whole concept is usually when he really needs the nap and though it could take a bit, he’ll fall asleep (and everyone is much happier afterwards!). 

Having the morning and afternoon quiet times at a designated time each day also lends a lot of structure to our days, which tends to be beneficial in lots of areas.  We aren’t tied to a schedule other than the quiet times though and the day is usually filled with lots of free play and fun. 

I’m handwriting this during morning quiet time even as I realize last night was one of those nights that I didn’t get enough sleep, my son is in the other room (quiet for the moment), the pup is snoozing, and the house is for the most part very quiet.  My mind isn’t though and the thoughts need to be written down before they escape me.  I reach for the pad and paper, putting off the nap for now. 

The “designated” quiet time is at an end, but it appears that my son may have drifted off to sleep… meaning I may catch a little shut eye as well…. 

Oh, no…. it’s not going to happen.  As I put the pen and paper aside, lay my head down and close my eyes, I hear what equates to, “Mom…. Can I get up now?” 

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Thanks, Kim, for the heads up on this one!

WEEK OF MARCH 2, 2008 

Olay 2 pk bar soap on sale 2 for $4.
Coupon for $2 found in the 2/10 P&G insert makes it FREE.
Buy (2) 2 pks and receive $4 Walgreen’s Register Rewards.

* If you have multiple coupons, buy only (2) 2 pks @ a time (per transaction), so the $4 RRs will print for each 2 you buy.  If you buy (4) 2 pks in one transaction, I believe only (1) $4 RR will print.


Zest 3 pk bar soap on sale 2 for $4.
Coupon for $1 found in the 2/10 P&G insert makes it $1 each (total = $2 for 2).
Buy (2) 3 pks and receive $4 Walgreen’s Register Rewards.

Like the Olay above, only buy (2) per transaction.  Not sure if you can do transactions back to back, your store may vary on this. This is for the week of March 2, 2008, so get your coupons ready!!

Edited to add Zest info (same day edit).  

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Today was a busy day… and a very successful one for getting the deals.  On our way out this morning, we stopped at a yard sale nearby.  I scooped up a plaque for 25 cents and three books for 75 cents.  The back of the plaque says “Handcrafted by Samleg House, Ringwood, N.J.”, but I cannot locate any information on that company.  The books will be great to use as a teaching tool for my son later on.  It is three books (1-3) in the series, “Getting To Know Nature’s Children” covering raccoons, owls, deer, rabbits, chipmunks, and beavers. 

Hallmark was having their annual clearance sale at the local corporate office (for the local Hallmark) and I hooked up on some goodies there!  Regular Hallmark prices totaled right at $145.00 and I paid $18.00.  Gotta love that!!

I went to do my small cvs deal and had to break it into two stores because one didn’t have everything.  Here are my transactions:

  • (4) boxes of Ziploc bags, (1) Cottonelle wipes = paid 37 cents out of pocket
  • (12) Glade Infusions sprays, (1) pack of gum = paid $1.05 out of pocket

 I used manufactor coupons and $15.16 in Extra Care Bucks (store reward money) &  I earned $15.00 in ECBs back (I even forgot the $4 off $20 purchase coupon, which would have made it sweeter)!  So I spent a total of $1.42 and lost 16 cents in ECB value and got all of the above mentioned products – basically for NADDA!!!  

My final stop was the grocery store.  Again, I forgot an awesome coupon ($10 off $50 purchase), but still did great.  Spent $66.43 and saved $51.43 (sale and coupons together).  Some highlights of the grocery trip:

  • (6) Mott’s  9 pk juice boxes (reg 2.99) = FREE
  • (5) Johnsons Buddies Easy Grip soap (reg .99) = FREE
  • (12) Alpo 22 oz cans (reg .99+) = 33 cents each
  • (6) Yoplait Yogurt cups (reg .71) = 53 cents each
  • (6) Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, “splits” (reg 2.29) = 68 cents each box
  • I also got (8) boxes of Kraft Mac-n-Cheese (reg 1.23) for 61 cents each and (2) Hershey syrup bottles (reg 2.03) for $1 each.

All in all, I think I did great today!  Tomorrow is Sunday, meaning new coupon inserts and a new CVS ad!!! 

Also, I have decided that Fridays are going to be a “Multitasking Mama’s Friday Free For All”!!!!  Each Friday I will give you info on how to get LOTS of goodies for FREE, ZILCH, NADDA!  Can’t beat free… I always say my favorite price is free…. unless of course they happen to PAY YOU to take it, LOL!!

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I am a bargain shopper.  I don’t mean dollar store or generic brand bargains – I mean retail store, top brand items for less than dollar store / generic brand prices.  I use coupons and match them to sales.  I especially love the deals at CVS.  I can walk out of there with a buggy full and pay only a few dollars at max for the entire purchase.  My motto is “Free Is My Favorite Price”!  I also love to sign up for free items and samples that are frequently offered, if you know where to look (heads up: you’ve just landed on where to look as I’ll be sharing with you!).

In the past week alone, I received the following FREE items in my mailbox:

v      Nutrisystem Sample Pack including cheesy homestyle potatoes, fudge graham bar, and veggie lasagna. (Choose women or men.)

v      Dove Cool Moisture shampoo & conditioner sample

v      Glade Plug-Ins Scented Gel refill (1), coupon for a FREE Scented Gel Holder, and coupon for $1 off 2 Scented Gel refill packs.

v      Clinique Happy perfume sample

v      Poise

v      Dunkin Donuts Coffee

v      Quaker Simple Harvest instant oatmeal sample

v      Horse Illustrated magazine, February & March 2008 issues (The offer was for Sea Magazine and during signup I was offered Horse Illustrated).

v      Snuggle Exhilarations White Lavender & Sandalwood Twist fabric softener.

Everyday is an adventure, wondering what goodie I’ll receive in the mailbox or what awesome deal I’ll get at the store.  Join me in this adventure, bookmark this site, and keep checking back!

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